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Candida…How to Get Rid of it Naturally

It’s amazing how many people we come into contact with daily that have so many symptoms of candida but don’t realize it or are mis-diagnosed.  Candida is a yeastlike fungi that causes things like chronic acne, athletes foot, vaginal yeast infections, chronic ear infection, sinus infections, low energy and more.

I hope this information from a trusted nutrition friend can help those find an answer who have tried everything and have not seen it work!!! This natural approach can help the body repair itself.  Vitamins and minerals don’t “heal” the body, rather they supply the body with necessary nutrients for it to heal itself!


99% of the time, candida infestation is the result of taking antibiotics.

Under normal conditions, candida, which is all around us and on everything we touch, is kept out and kept under control by your immune system and especially the good bacteria in your body.

When one takes antibiotics, it turns off your own immune system and kills the good bacteria — giving candida the opportunity to move in and take over.  When it moves in, it usually becomes totally pervasive, affecting every organ and area of the body, though the most overt symptoms make it appear highly localized.

In women, it often shows up in chronic vaginal yeast infections and bladder/urinary tract infections.  In men, prostate infections and bladder infections.  But these are just the visible tip of the ice berg.  Women and men rarely exhibit these overt vaginal, bladder, or prostate infections unless they have an underlying pervasive candida infestation that has spread across the mucous membranes throughout their entire body.

Then they go to the doctor for yeast infection or prostate infection and the doctor gives them more antibiotics, which is the absolute worst thing to do.

Candida is essentially like mold growing deep inside your body.

Candida yeast is a plant, which means it does not move around looking for food like an animal.  It embeds itself in one place and puts down roots that grab hold and penetrate deep into the tissue, holding on tight — just like some weed in your lawn might do.  It releases enzymes and toxic juices that dissolve and digest whatever is around it, which it can then absorb as food.  It can form chains of cells that penetrate ever deeper into the mucosal membrane tissue, sucking at the blood in those tissues to get at the glucose in the blood.

The bulk of candida will be in the intestine, but if the good bacteria that keeps it in check is killed off by antibiotics, the candida begins to gradually spread in the damp, dark environs of the body up and out through all the mucous membranes of the body — much like mold spreads in some damp, dark corner of your basement — even up into your hair and under your finger and toe nails.

Because candida thrives in a damp, dark environment, it is most overtly experienced in the mouth (thrush), the vagina and enclosed areas of the female genitals, and throughout the urinary tract.

But the pervasive nature of the infestation shows up in chronic ear and nasal infections, chronic acne, chronic low energy, low output by organs (such as thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, etc.)  that are full of the toxins generated by candida, chronic allergies (the candida yeast spews out a continuous array of allergens into the body that keep the immune system tied up [much like mold emits allergens]), leaky gut syndrome, male impotence, brain dullness/fog, poor memory, chronic genital itching for both men and women, hypersensitivity to chemicals and mold, depression, ADD, etc., etc.

Because it is so pervasive, it is tough to get rid of and requires a radical commitment for a focused period of time.  You must literally go to war against this invading army — not with the artificial weapons of humanistic medicine that only cover the symptoms, but with the very powerful Creator-given forces of your own immune system.

You’ve Got To:

1) Radically feed and restore balance to the immune system:

(“Bomb it!” and keep bombing it with every immune building thing you can throw at it — especially lots of Vita-C, Formula I, NutriFeron, and lots of B-Complex), with added support from natural antifungals like Garlic and Cat’s Claw (an ingredient in Joint Health Complex), and Shaklee Defend & Resist to stimulate the overall activity of the immune system.  See our “Infection Bomb” sheet for instructions on exactly how to do this.

2) Radically rebuild the good bacteria culture of the body

Take more than one OptiFlora pearl a day if you can! More like 6 per day — 1 capsule every 2 hours as part of the “Infection Bomb” for a period of time.

3) Starve the candida

Which thrives on sugar and fermenting garbage in your system.

Radically eliminate most sugars from the diet for 6 months or so, and

– Use Shaklee Herb-Lax daily to clean the sludge and garbage out and keep it cleaned out.

Note that these steps are NOT primarily attacking the candida (with the exception of the Garlic, which does directly attack the candida).  These steps are aggressively supplying, building, and deploying your own Creator-given immune system troops to go after the candida and eliminate it.

You’ve got to make a commitment to follow a radical anti-candida program for usually 6 months, possibly more, depending on the severity of the infestation.

The kill off of the yeast produces a lot of gas and bloating (the candida cell actually releases methane gas when it dies) and flu-like symptoms (candida also releases lots of enzymes and toxins into the bloodstream when it dies, which flow around to the whole body making you feel generally bad and achy just like as if you had the flu).

So once you start an anti-candida program, if you feel really bad and have lots of gas, that’s a good sign that good things are happening!

Anyone who is looking for the quick fix or the magic bullet on this one will be sorely disappointed.  There is none.  The doctor certainly doesn’t have one.  Because the cell structure of candida is actually very similar to that of our own bodies, any strong anti-fungal drugs that aggressively kill the candida may have dangerous side-effects. Some drugs that are prescribed don’t actually kill it out; they just stunt its growth in hope the immune system will finish the job.

[Note #1:  The whole idea of candida infestation is controversial in conventional medical circles, with many denying its existence and thus never diagnosing it.  There have even been instances of MDs having their medical licenses revoked for diagnosing and treating Candidiasis. But it has gradually gained wider and wider acceptance over the last 25 years.] [Note #2:  Because of Note #1, most doctors don’t understand candida infestation, and thus may prescribe antibiotics — which may temporarily suppress the overt symptoms, but virtually guarantee that those symptoms will return with a vengeance.

And the doctors frequently give completely mythical advice, such as “don’t eat anything with yeast in it” — an example of absolute nutritional ignorance gone to seed!  Things made with yeast do NOT actually have any living yeast organisms in them, and therefore it is a complete physical impossibility for things made with yeast to promote yeast infestation for that reason.  (One exception might be home-brewed beer, which probably has live yeast in it, but also would be bad because of the alcohol, which the body converts to sugar, thus feeding the candida.)  In the case of bread made with yeast, it should be avoided because the high carb/sugar content that will feed the candida, NOT because yeast was used to make the bread rise (and was then killed completely by the baking process).  Because they’ve been told this by doctors, people will stop taking B-Complex, which is actually one of the most powerful tools in the nutritional arsenal against candida infestation.


  1. Very interesting!

    I’d like to know how it starts, it must be with a flat immune system to begin with. Perhaps a knock to the bodies defence brings in the candida.

    Like vaccinations I think, viruses, smoking etc.

    • Hi Frankie! Thanks for posting. I believe there are a few ways candida can start. One being antibiotics. Antibiotics kill of bad AND good bacteria leaving room for yeast to take over. The good bacteria keeps the yeast at bay. Then SUGAR feeds yeast. Someone with candida craves sugar and bread because the yeast needs to be fed, thus causing cravings. So someone eats the sugar, which feeds the yeast, multiplying it, etc…. It’s an awful cycle. This plan has helped so many I know of!!

  2. Thanks Jenni! I have to say I’ve done this on my own and I know it works. It’s tough. I’m having a small relapse right now but I can control I quickly. I can’t wait to use Shaklee to help!!

  3. So you talk a lot about nutrition and say what to avoid, but you never cover what a good diet should consist of except all the supplements you can take. What foods are good and which ones are bad. Could you maybe post a link to good and bad foods for a anti candida diet. Thanks
    Steve Poulos

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