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Our Favorite Protein

Shaklee 180 Smoothie Mix Vanilla

My kids love all four flavors of the Shaklee 180 protein.  And it’s great even for kids because it signals their body to build and retain lean muscle.  I want to set them up early in life to have a propensity towards muscle building not fat gain (which most of our foods do).  Although this is in Shaklee Weight Management line, there is no need to fear for kids! It is all natural and the main reason it helps you to lose weight is because when you have more lean muscle, your metabolism works better! So if there is no fat to burn, you will just maintain lean muscle. Our kids are strong and healthy and this is in no way a “weight loss” or management shake for them, but more of a way to get a high protein and fiber in them that is helping them build muscle – even at a young age!

Shaklee Meal Shakes

The Meal Shakes are Shaklee’s kid shakes. They are a Whey protein that comes in Chocolate or vanilla, and again no artificial anything and Gluten Free. These taste DELICIOUS so if you have a picky eater and want to try a Smoothie for breakfast or the Protmeal, these taste like a real milk shake.



Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein

Energizing Soy Protein was the very FIRST vegetable-based protein to hit the market. Dr. Shaklee invented it in the 1960s and it has been helping to create healthier lives for nearly 56 years! There is Vanilla, Chocolate, and plain flavors (great for soups and substituting in recipes with flour!). We’ve personally used this protein for almost 13 years as a family and love it in smoothies, waffles, pancakes, brownies, or homemade protein bars.  Any of Shaklee’s proteins will work in our recipes. This one does not have the same high fiber or leucine content as the Shaklee 180 Smoothies, but is packed with 16 grams of protein per serving. This is our kid go-to Smoothie every morning (there favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter – just like a Reeses PB Cup)


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